Aggregating Anemones

I got a surprise beach walk this afternoon!  (Bad day for whale-watching in Seal Rock today.)


Just north of Seal Rock is a little wayside that we call Strawberry.  The only sign indicating a name is (as of a year ago) a street sign called Curtis Ave.  It got the “Strawberry” name because the kids could always find wild strawberries around the parking lot.


We found these little treasures in the tidepools nestled in between the rocks in the top photo.

Giant Green Anemones
Giant Green and Aggregating Anemones

The Giant Green Anemones are noticeable first.  But, if you see a tint of pink, look closer to find the Aggregating Anemones.

Aggregating Anemones
Aggregating Anemones

You can even see some of the pink when they are closed.

Aggregating Anemones

They are so delicate and lacy looking.

Aggregating Anemones

When I first looked at the beach I wasn’t sure we’d even see a tidepool.

I sure am glad we took the time to walk and look closer!  We were rewarded with beautiful color to brighten up this gray day on the Oregon Coast.

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