Logging on the Alsea River

We’ve had front-row seats to a logging project this month.

logging timber
Before logging started

They started around the middle of December.


At first it was just a couple guys with chainsaws.

LoggingWithEquipment-1Then they brought in equipment to move the downed timber.


At times they used this crane to lean against the tree to encourage it to fall a certain direction.

LoggingCloseup-SmileyFaceThey were some pretty big trees in there.  See the notch he cut on the right side first?  Now he’s cutting on the left side.


 And the tree falls to the right.

LoggingDuring2It’s getting thinner over there.  My view is opening up.

LoggersMy dad calls this “reconnoitering”.

LoggerWithTapeSee the measuring tape on the logger’s hip?  That’s anchored to the end of the tree.  He’ll trim branches until he gets to the length the log truck will haul.  Then he’ll cut the trunk, retract his tape to the new cut and keep trimming for another length.

LogTruckLog trucks are hauling it away.


They’ve just got a few more to do after today’s logging.

We’ve had a little bit of fog in the mornings but it clears up before noon out here near the coast.

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