Santa’s Sleigh

It’s not red and it’s pulled by horses, not reindeer.  But it sounds like it’s jingling when the handcuffs on the shifter rattle.  lol

Donations to Waldport H.E.L.P
Donations to Waldport H.E.L.P.

Our stake membership has been donating to various South Lincoln County programs all year.  We have been blessed to provide logistic support for some of these donations.  Today we got to deliver clothing, bedding and toys to the Waldport H.E.L.P.  (Homeless Education and Literacy Project)

Thanks to all the Wards in Corvallis, Philomath, Newport and Waldport Branch for your generous donations and the beautiful handmade items!  Senitila McKinley (Waldport HELP) assured me they are needed and are greatly appreciated.

This year there were 535 homeless students enrolled in the Lincoln County schools.  Some children are teens who couch-surf, other children are living with parents in a tent or leaky trailer.  There are many reasons a family can become homeless.  Contact a local HELP Center to get involved: Lincoln City, 541-996-4878; Newport, 541-574-5824; Toledo, 541-4357; and Waldport, 541-563-8584

Want to do something for them for Christmas?  Let them enjoy shopping too.  Donate a gift card or certificate from local stores that provide shoes, clothing, blankets, household and hygiene items, school supplies, restaurants, entertainment and toys!

Yes, it IS better to give than to receive!

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