Is it REALLY better to give than to receive?

If you REALLY want to know, you have to try it.  The feeling you get when you make someone happy is a REALLY good feeling.

The Christmas season is a perfect time to help our children learn this principle.  We have to provide opportunities for them to feel it.  We get so busy this time of year that it’s easier and quicker to just do everything ourselves.  But if you want your children to enjoy giving, they aren’t going to learn it on their own.

There are tons of websites with ideas for crafts that children can make as gifts for family members or neighbors.  They can make something out of almost anything and it doesn’t need to cost much.  The best gifts come from the imagination of a child.  I Googled “gifts kids can make” and got 88.3 million links within .26 seconds!

paper stars
Paper Stars

It’s always fun to deliver a plate of homemade cookies or bread to a neighbor.  Get the kids in on the fun.  They can help with the baking and with the delivery.  Maybe they’ve helped with the baking but then seen Mom carry it all out of the house 😦  Seeing the look on the face of the recipient helps reinforce the idea that they are making someone happy.  You can tell by the laughter after the delivery how good it makes them feel.  Be sure to point that out to them so they remember how good it feels to give.

Christmas Treats
Christmas Treats

Christmas is when we remember the gift that Heavenly Father gave us in His Son.  We also remember that Jesus came here to give us the ultimate gift of His sacrifice of the Atonement and His life so that we could return to live with Him and Heavenly Father after our life here is over.  They gave these gifts to us without any expectation of receiving anything from us.  All we need to do is accept them.

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