Community is for the birds

My first thought about “community” was church because wherever we travel to workamp, we feel so at home when we attend church.

Ordinances are the same, lessons are the same, the spirit is the same.  But I don’t have a current photo and it’s a “photo challenge”.   Soooo….

These ducks live in a community on Eckman Lake, near Waldport, Oregon.

Ring-necked Ducks, Coots
Ring-necked Ducks, Coots

There were at least 4 or 5 different kinds of ducks that we could identify on this icy day.

Hundreds feeding keep the ice open
Hundreds feeding keep the ice open

By working together, they keep the ice from freezing over the whole lake.

American Wigeon, Gadwalls
American Wigeon, Gadwalls

There were smaller groups in different places and they’d fly or walk from one place to another.  It reminded me of going to Crystal Hot Springs, Utah, in the winter 🙂  We’d walk quickly from the dressing room to the hot pool.

Wood Duck
Wood Duck on the fringe

This duck seemed to be a loner.  But then suddenly he joined the group.  He decided to go see what all the fuss was about.

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