The Virgin, Mary

This blog has become sort of like my journal.  That’s the only reason I can think of that I’m writing about Christmas.  It’s not that I think I have something to teach.  …just thoughts as I think and read the scriptures leading up to the birth of our Savior.  So, if you’re not into this, you may have to put me on ignore for another couple weeks; although I’ll still post some wildlife photos.

The Old Testament is full of prophecies of Jesus coming to save the world.  The ordinance of sacrificing the firstborn lamb was given as a reminder of Christ’s coming.  (I say “ordinance” because I don’t know what else to call it.  It wasn’t just a tradition or a practice.  It was a commandment.)

Like the firstborn lamb, Jesus was the firstborn of Mary.  In the scriptures, a virgin may also represent someone who is morally clean (Rev. 14:4).   She was a virgin both in the literal and the spiritual sense of the word (Luke 1:27-28).  She was engaged to Joseph and had not yet “known” him.  In the scriptures that means they had not had sexual intercourse.  I can think of a lot of lessons we can take from Mary’s example.  But the one I’m thinking about today is that repentance is a gift we are given to purify our hearts.  If we have fallen, we get back up, repent and move forward.  We are not forever “impure” after our first mistake.  We make a commitment at baptism to follow Christ.  We repent daily and we take the Sacrament weekly to recommit.  When was the last time I was pure and clean?  The last time I participated in that sacred ordinance of the Sacrament.  Not everyone can be the mother of Jesus.  But we can prepare ourselves to receive His message; whenever and however it comes.

Righteous people had been preparing (blood sacrifice) for hundreds of years for this to happen.  How would people find out about it in a time before Twitter, Facebook, internet, cell phones or even a news wire?  The Holy Spirit communicates His message.  We have to learn what that communication feels like.

I can’t blog without a photo.  So, here’s a mom with a baby:

Harbor Seal Mom and Pup
Harbor Seal Mom and Pup

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