Heavenly Messengers

You can’t read the Christmas story in Luke without running across the angel, Gabriel, at least a couple times.  While I don’t believe angels have wings, I do believe in angels or heavenly messengers and can see how someone could describe them that way.

This is one of my favorite paintings by Greg Olsen:

Heavenly Hands by Greg Olsen
Heavenly Hands by Greg Olsen


I have lots of earthly angels in my life; in the form of family, friends and people who’ve popped in and out of my life for a specific purpose.  I think of Karson, our grandbaby who died before he was born.  It is hard to understand how such a short life could have such an impact on a family.  I feel like he is watching over his parents and sister and brother.  I’ve never personally seen a heavenly messenger but I’ve felt impressions so strongly that it seemed I heard a voice.  One thing I know for certain is that this life on earth is not the end of our life.  Our job is to stay alive as long as possible because there are things to learn here that can’t be learned in the next life.  And I am not talking about reincarnation.

But I digress…or do I?

Don’t discount the Christmas story because it has an angel in it.  Maybe the lesson from the scriptures today is to pay attention to the impressions I get.


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