Gotta do it!

I didn’t know I had an addiction…

Alsea River Snowman
Alsea River Snowman

…until I came back in the house and announced I’d “built a snowman!”


…and Don said, “When has it snowed and you haven’t built a snowman?”

That’s when reality hit me!  I don’t need a 12-step program for this addiction though.  Or am I in denial?   But it’s pretty harmless; unless you think I’ve modeled it after you and you don’t like it.

Look like anyone you know?

Alsea River Snowman
Watching for Steelhead

I haven’t seen such light, dry, snow since we left Utah.  I had a little bit of a challenged getting it to stick together in our sub-freezing temps.  Maybe the moisture from the ground helped.  Underneath layers have some apple leaves 🙂

Clearly I need to learn a new technique to build a snowman in Oregon that’s different from Utah snowman building.  It’s not that he is bent over from melting because our temps didn’t get above freezing.  I’m really not sure what is happening to him.  Maybe he’s just watching for steelhead?

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