The Coast is Clear for Thanksgiving!

The Oregon coast is clear this Thanksgiving week!

heceta head lighthouse
Most photographed lighthouse on the Oregon Coast

What a beautiful day it was yesterday!

Sea Lion Rock at Heceta Overlook
Sea Lion Rock at Heceta Overlook

Don’t forget to look over the edge after you enjoy the lighthouse view at the overlook north of Sea Lion Caves on Hwy 101.

sea lions oregon coast
Sea Lion Mosh Pit

The biggest group were the Stellars and they were pretty vocal.  There are lots of little ones climbing over.

branded stellar sea lions
Stellar Sea Lions – 2 branded

I saw 3 branded Stellars in all.  I can’t quite make out the brand on the one in the bottom center of the group above; can you?

Stellar Sea Lion 955R
Stellar Sea Lion 955R

I’ll update this when I get a background on 955R:  This is a female branded in 2011 on Rogue Reef, Oregon Coast.

branded stellar sea lion
Can you make out this brand?

Here’s another brand I can’t quite make out.

sea lion mammary glands
Sea Lions have 4 mammaries

I learned something new about sea lions!  While seals (pinnipeds without ear flaps) only have 2 mammary glands, sea lions (or eared seals) have 4.  I guess the subject never came up.

sea lion hug
Group hug!

Did you know that sea lions can move up to 19 mph on land and 30 mph under water?  So, don’t think you can out run a sea lion on land!

California Sea Lions
California Sea Lions

There was a smaller harem of California Sea Lions who staked out a couple napping spots of their own.  The Californians have the bump on their forehead.

sea lions in ocean
Circling the wagons

The ocean was a beautiful color yesterday too.

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