Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Reading the scriptures hasn’t always been a daily habit for me.  But I feel more peace in my life when I make it a habit.  And, I am happy to say that I have been pretty consistent for the last few years.

Scripture Reading Habit
Scripture Reading Habit

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints considers the following books as scripture:  Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants and Pearl of Great Price

We study one of those in its entirety each year.  This year we are on the Doctrine & Covenants.  I try to keep up with reading assignments using the study guide.  I’ve not quite developed that habit yet.  But even if we aren’t studying the Book of Mormon in Sunday School, I find that daily reading it keeps me grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Every page gives light and knowledge about Him and starts me off with the Holy Spirit to set the tone for the day.

Regardless of what I may do during the day that I need to repent of, I get to start all over in the morning with a perfect lesson!

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