Pacific Mole Crab Season

I’ve heard reports of thousands of mole crab carcasses on the beach this week. So I thought this might be worth reblogging and add these for an explanation:

Pamperingcampers Blog

No, they’re not edible…by humans anyway.

I haven’t seen a lot of the Pacific Mole Crabs this year until this week.  Maybe I haven’t been looking?  Regardless, there were lots of parts washed up on the beach the last couple days.

At minus tide, this morning, I saw lots of mole crab tracks and the holes where they burrow in.

The crows dig up the female mole crabs, eat the eggs and leave them for dead.  The crab has a body part that they use to dig with.

It covers the eggs too.  See what’s left of the yellow/orange eggs below.  When the crows eat the protein-rich eggs, they damage that part so that they can’t dig.

The only dead mole crabs I saw on the beach were females.  I wonder if the crows can tell the males from the females before they dig them out?

I didn’t pick this one up to see if…

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