Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning! (Signs of Bear)

This is my recent morning routine:

Look out the window to check for signs of overnight bear activity, go outside (carefully) to check for more signs, pick up game camera and check photos.

From the window:  First sign of bear – apple tree debris on the ground

bear debris
Indications bears spent some time in the apple tree

Outside:  Watch my step!  Seriously, those bears need to eat slower to get some nutrition out of those apples.  They are just wasting them!  At least the slugs can also benefit.  GROSS!

Bear Scat - Apple Season
Bear Scat – Apple Season

This apple tree has a long history of providing sustenance to these bears but I’d better get some for my applesauce before they eat them all.

Bear claw marks on the tree
Bear claw marks on the tree

Checking the game camera:  Mom and 2 cubs went up and down the tree around 2am, 4am and 6am

Black bear cub sitting in the apple tree
Just the beginning of a long feast

The game camera has an indicator light when the motion sensor is activated.  That must get their attention because they are so often looking at the camera when it takes the photo.

Raccoon in apple tree
Raccoon in apple tree

The raccoon was a surprise.  We haven’t seen any of these and I didn’t know they liked apples.  But this one snuck in a raid between the bears.

Black Bear Cub
Black Bear Cub

This photo isn’t that great but I thought the size of the cub’s paw on the tree was a good comparison to their mom’s paw in the next one.

Black Bear Sow
Black Bear Sow

Mama bear climbed the apple tree too and she didn’t break any limbs.

Black bear cub sitting in the apple tree
Black bear cub sitting in the apple tree

We got the ladder out and collected all we could the next day.  Then we put the game camera back out.

The following morning the game camera was laying face-down across the yard from where I’d placed it.  I had just propped it up against a toolbox which raised it a couple feet off the ground.

They must be getting mad about having their raids photographed?  We’re still laughing about them beating up the camera.

Now the game-cam is secured, I taped over the motion sensor indicator light and we’re waiting for their return.  All we’ve seen is elk and deer.

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