Bear on Game Cam

Now I want a new Game Cam – one that will record sound too.

Woman talks bear out of tree
Woman talks bear out of tree

It wasn’t even dark yet but we can’t spend our whole day and night running around the house to see what wild animals are strolling by.  So this morning I checked the game camera to see that there were 8 photos.  This would have been taken while we were eating dinner at the opposite end of the house.

When I went to put the camera back the neighbor lady asked if I knew we had a bear in the apple tree.  She said she was out on her deck when she heard it (maybe 20 feet away from her deck).  But she didn’t know it was a bear.  She thought it “was a man in the tree.”  She asked, “Are you okay?”  It didn’t answer so she said it louder.  Then it turned around and went down the tree and ran away.  This is the cub.   I wonder where mom and the other cub were when she was talking this one out of the tree?  She’s got 5 Pekinese that always bark at us when we’re outside.  I wonder if they were barking then?

I really wish I’d heard the conversation between her and that bear!


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