Invisible Elk in Tidewater

Watching animals interact with each other is one of my favorite things to do.

roosevelt elk
Battle of Wills

This elk calf wanted to nurse but the mom didn’t so she laid down.  The calf was down on his front knees trying to get his way but it didn’t last long.

roosevelt elk
Is the coast clear?

Then a few elk came out of the trees.  This bull has a disguise on so the big bull, hopefully, won’t notice that he’s hanging around.

roosevelt elk
I’ll just sneak around this way

He walked around the edge of the trees in his disguise.  The big bull and calf didn’t know whether to watch him or us in our vehicle.

roosevelt elk
Huh? Me?

It’s like he doesn’t even notice he’s got something hanging off his rack.

roosevelt elk

We were hoping to see a fight but the younger bull knows who is boss and kept his distance.


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