Bear Cage

Suddenly my house is like a bear cage.  You know, like a shark cage, where humans can be “safely” lowered into a vat of sharks.

Bear Cub Snack Bar
Bear Cub Snack Bar

I feel like I am in wildlife-heaven living in a bear cage or a wildlife cage.  But all I want to do is get out of the cage and see them up close.  I really don’t get very far from the house when I do though.

Comparison photo of mama bear
Comparison photo of mama bear

Compare her size to one of her cubs below:

Comparison photo of bear cub
Comparison photo of bear cub

It is not safe for the wildlife to get comfortable around humans.  They will end up making trouble and getting themselves killed.  Not to mention my safety!

bear cub hanging from tree limb
Quit foolin’ around!   You’re gonna get hurt!

They are SO fun to watch…when they are happy!

black bear sow eating apple
Mama Bear with Apple

When Mom and one cub wandered over to the road, I quickly went back inside the house to see my photos.  I didn’t want her circling around and sneaking up behind me to climb up the apple tree I was standing under :-0

But I’ve thought about this for a lot of years and recently we were listening to some radio interview about scuba diving with sharks – without a shark cage.  The guy being interviewed expressed my feelings perfectly when he said, “the really weird thing is that, all seeing a shark did for me is make me want to see another one and get closer”.  I’m not sure I’d do that with any wildlife that is much bigger than I am.  But I actually experienced that feeling when snorkeling in Australia.  Don was watching me from a dock because he’d gotten sunburned the day before and didn’t feel like doing it again.  He called to me when he heard someone yell “shark” and pointed to the small (but almost as long as I am tall) shark swimming in the shallow water.  There was just one other couple in the water.  They were standing up, pointing and laughing; which gave me a feeling of security I guess.  So my first reaction was to put my face back in the water and go look for it; as if being under water would protect me.   As I did that, reason overcame reaction (or fear overcame stupidity) and I changed my direction.  But I didn’t feel the need to get out of the water.  I really don’t have the same feeling about wildlife out of the water.  For some reason, the water feels like a piece of thick glass of an aquarium; maybe an illusion the mask gives?   I wonder if that’s what it is?  Maybe it’s the mind’s way of relating what is happening to previous experiences of watching fish in an aquarium?

4 thoughts on “Bear Cage”

    1. we kinda hesitate to give many details as our road is small and we enjoy our privacy and bear season also, our sow has cubs……but they can be found by finding apple orchards this time of year…..cape pertetua/yachats has a good population of bears……….look under trees for scat to know if they are around, also look for claw marks on tree trunks…good luck.

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