RUN Boo-Boo, RUN!

We were sitting in the shade to recover from a stressful 15 minutes of pulling the trapped skunk out from under our house when we saw the mama bear and twins across the Alsea River.  (More about the skunk later.)

Black Bear Family
Black Bear Family

I nearly missed them.  She’s a fast runner!

Black Bear Sow with Twin Cubs
Fences make Mama Bear nervous

They were sort of galloping along the fence line.  There wasn’t a fence until a couple years ago and the wildlife are still getting use to it.  Don started making grunting noises at them to see if she’d stop to look.

Black Bear Sow at full run
Black Bear Sow at full run

Then Mama really picked up speed to cross the open field to get to the safety of the trees along the river.  She left her cubs in her dust!

These photos were taken near Blackberry Campground.


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