Sunbathing Pelicans

No matter what I’m busy doing on the coast, staring out into the ocean is such a peaceful feeling.  When I have a view of something so vast and large it helps me put myself in perspective of the world, maybe the universe, and God.  I heard my brother describe our family camping trips to the Colorado Rockies when we were teens.  Feeling small, in such a grand and beautiful place, helped him understand that there was something greater than he was.

Seal Rock
Seal Rock

These photos are at Seal Rock, Oregon, between Newport and Waldport on the central coast.  It’s supposed to rain today but this photo was taken yesterday.  It’s amazing how quickly the storms come and go.

Brown Pelicans
Brown Pelicans

The pelicans don’t stay here year-round so they’re fun to watch while here.


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