Elk Bugling

The elk moved up into the trees yesterday and today.  But they are back in the field this evening.

elk gathering harem
Gather Up!

Looks like he’s got about 30 in his harem.  That includes calves.

elk calf grown out of spots
Calf lost his spots

The calves have their full colors now….a mini-me.

Elk Bull Bugling
Bull Bugling

We even got to hear the big bull bugle.

I don’t know if he does that for the cows to hear or if he could hear another bull up in the trees somewhere…or maybe a hunter with an elk call?

bull elk with cows and calves
Bull herds the cows and calves

He’s moving them right along.  Probably heading down to the Alsea River for a drink.

It’s a nice looking herd, huh?


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