7 Otter Kits!

Don caught this otter family earlier this week.

otters emerge from alsea river
Toot-toot! Otter train!

I could tell from the close up photos of the river with just a swirl on the surface, and out of focus otters in the water, that Don had the same challenge I do in capturing these busy little balls of fur and teeth.   But he got a couple great shots of them on the Alsea River bank.  This reminds me of watching a large (human) family bailing out of a VW bus….they just keeping coming!

7 kits and 2 adult otters - alsea river
7 kits and 2 adult otters

I count 7 kits and 2 adults.  I don’t think the male usually travels with mom and the kits when they are this age?  Dad’s of all kinds can probably relate to this?

So I’m guessing the 2 adults are 2 moms travelling together.  The 3 kits on the right look a little larger than the 4 kits on the left.

These photos were taken near Blackberry Campground on the Alsea River.

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