Black-tailed Deer

The black-tailed deer is a subspecies of the Mule Deer.

It’s nice to see the deer in such good health….and with a fawn too!

The fawn is a good sign that they are making a come-back after the plight of the deer mite.  Read more here:

Black-tailed Doe and Fawn
Black-tailed Doe and Fawn

I had fun watching the fawn trying to eat the apple.

Black-tailed Fawn
Using her toes

She picked it up but quickly dropped it.

Black-tailed Fawn
Licking her lips

It reminded me of bobbing for apples in a barrel without being able to use your hands.

Black-tailed Fawn
Gets a bite

She’s making headway.  I don’t know why mom didn’t want the other apple.

Blacktail Fawn eats apple
The evil eye

She’s a determined little thing though.  I say “she” but I really don’t know.

One of the things I really love about workamping is staying in a place long enough to enjoy the wildlife.  We are paying attention to their schedules (daily, weekly, seasonal).  We know there is a cougar around but haven’t seen it yet – other than the glimpse in the fog a few weeks ago.

Since apples are ripening we are also watching for bear.


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