Roses and Apples are Fair Game

I can see you, you little snot!  Get out of my roses!

Deer in Roses

I peaked out later to see if she’d come back and saw the elk on the lot next door -the other direction.

elk in apple trees
The apples are lovely but the neighbors are a little nosey

They were eating the ends off the apple tree branches.  Some apples have fallen but I’m not sure if they are eating those.

I learned something this week…because it rains so much here in Oregon, most of the nutrients get washed out of the soil.  The elk can be standing in (and eating) 10 foot high grass and starving to death because it doesn’t have the nutrients they need.

Blacktail Deer - Oregon
Black-tailed Deer – Oregon

I also learned that a few years ago the black-tailed deer population, in the Pacific Northwest, was killed off by a mite that made them lose their fur.  Here’s a report of the hair-loss syndrome:

Without fur they died of hypothermia over the winter.  It looks like the mite is gone now and the deer are coming back.

Myth Busted - Irish Spring soap does not deter deer
Myth Busted – Irish Spring soap does not deter deer

The moral of the story is:

Don’t let the elk distract you on one side of your yard while the deer eat the roses on the other.


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