Waldport High School Osprey Nest

In spite of tearing down the football stadium, next to the osprey nest, the birds seem undisturbed.

osprey at Waldport High
Waldport HS stadium – 0
Osprey – 3

I’m not sure if the 2 osprey in the nest are parent and chick or 2 chicks.  If you have a good telephoto lens, watch them from Ray’s Market on Hwy 34.  To get a little closer, watch from the High School parking lot across from Lint Slough.

2 osprey in the nest at Waldport High School
2 in the nest

A parent flies in with some food and then sits on the perch while they feed.

parent and young osprey on nest
Parent on perch

The parent didn’t stay long this time.

parent osprey flies away from nest
Parent flies to Lint Slough for some fishing

I watched as it flew next door and hovered over Lint Slough.

We wondered if some training by example goes on there within sight of the nest.


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