Summer Wildlife on the Alsea River

We saw wildlife ALL DAY LONG on Saturday as we did our yard work.

He's got his harem started
He’s got his harem started

After the flicker chick incident, we heard elk calls across the river.  Cows were calling and then this bull called out.  Looks like he’ll have a couple yearling bulls to chase away later.

3 elk calves and 2 moms
3 elk calves and 2 moms

We saw 3 elk calves with just 2 cows.  So one of them had twins.  These look like recent births.  We haven’t seen the older ones recently but they’d be about twice this size.

Elk Calf with Mom
Elk Calf with Mom

The herd was moving pretty fast across the field for some reason today.  No stopping to graze.  They were travelling down-river.

elk calf lagging behind
These blackberries look yummy

One straggler kept our attention.  We thought of the cougar sightings around here and wondered if we’d get to see a National Geographic Moment.

slow elk calf
Risky with Cougars Around

He looked like he was having trouble keeping up with the others but maybe he was just distracted.  You know how kids are.

Fortunately, no cougar pounced across the field.

Then we saw 4 otters – 3 young and one parent – while we ate lunch.

snorkeling the Alsea River
Jo Cousteau

Yard work is done … time to see what kind of wildlife lives IN the Alsea River

crawdads, minnows and one, little, quarter-sized flat fish shuffling along the bottom

I’ll need a camera if I see anything bigger.

Before dark, one of the elk cows with calf ran back across the field; up-river.

Photos taken near Blackberry Campground.

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