And then there were none

was none?  or were none?  Grammar is not my strength.

Over the last few days I have suspected that the flicker chicks were fledging one by one.

flicker chick at nest entrance
Mom? Dad? Where are you?

The parents stay away longer between feedings.  I only saw 2 chicks in the nest yesterday.  This morning just one was left.

flicker chick venturing out of nest
Maybe they’ll hear me better if I just step out here

I didn’t see the parents at all today. Of course I don’t have time to sit and watch all day.  But I usually see them if I’m out there for 10 or 15 minutes.

flicker chick losing footing
Whoa! That was close!

This one doesn’t look as mature as the other two did.  I was watching it through the camera lens and suddenly it started to venture outside the nest.  She flapped her wings a couple times to regain her footing; chirping the whole time.  But then she lost her footing and she flapped as she drifted to the ground.  She landed in the tall grass.  She was quiet for a long time.  Then started chirping again.  We didn’t see her again.  I don’t know if she’ll try to find a tree or just hunker down there for the night.  We didn’t see the parents come back either.

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