Elk Antler Growth

Elk regrow their antlers every year.  Roosevelt Elk live here on the Oregon Coast.
The Roosevelt Elk are the largest, in body weight, of the elk species.

So if you’re looking to feed your family, hunt for elk in Alaska, Washington, Oregon or Northern California.

These photos were taken near Blackberry Campground on the Alsea River near Waldport, OR.

roosevelt elk antlers
June Antlers

Here’s the same elk on July 1st.  I identified him by the shape of the lower tines.

roosevelt elk antlers
Same bull elk – 3 weeks later – July 1st

I never thought of elk antlers being sensitive to the touch.  But the velvet is like a skin.  So when the velvet is still on, I guess it would be sensitive.  When this guy moved quickly over to the trees to hide, he cringed and ducked when his antlers scraped against the tree limbs.  I wonder if those scrapes on his back are from fights with other bulls?

elk antlers are sensitive

When the antlers stop growing, the blood stops flowing to the velvet and they scrape it off.  Maybe it gets itchy, like a scab healing over?

Here’s an interesting video.  It shows the growth of the Rocky Mountain Elk antlers from Spring to Fall.  Rocky Mountain Elk have the largest antler size of the elk species.  So, if you are hunting for a trophy, go to Idaho, Utah, Wyoming or Colorado.




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