Happy 4th of July from the Oregon Coast

I think every village on the coast has a fireworks show over their bay.

Campfires line Alsea Bay
Campfires line Alsea Bay

Since Waldport has their parade on Beachcomber Days in June, they traditionally have July 3rd Fireworks.

I assume this is so they do not interfere with sister city Yachats’ La-De-Da Parade and Fireworks on July 4th.

People line Alsea Bridge
People line Alsea Bridge

There’s actually more room to stand and watch the fireworks than there is for parking.  Carpooling is advised.

Great Show
Great Show

Music does not accompany this show – at least that we could hear from the north end of the Alsea Bay Bridge.

Loud booms echo off the mountains
Loud booms echo off the mountains

All we heard were the delayed BOOMs, their echos off each mountain up the bay and then the OOOoooooo’s and AAAaaahhhhhh’s from the crowd.

Fireworks light up the Bay
Fireworks light up the Bay

The reflections on the bay make it twice as stunning!

Waldport put a lot of money and effort into their fireworks show.  It lasted for about a half hour.  Several times during the show we thought we were seeing the finale’.

Very well done Waldport!

Check out BeachConnection.net for all the summer fun along the North and Central Oregon Coast.


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