Elk Rodeo

The elk were traversing the ranchers fields today with their calves.

elk act strange around electric fence
Acting strange around the electric fence

Look at the ears pointing down towards the electric wire.  They all hesitated but eventually the adults jumped the electric fence and the calves ducked under.

elk cow with calves crossing fence
I’ll wait for you kids as long as you don’t take too long.

We saw 5 elk calves in all.  The adults jumped this fence without hesitation but it isn’t the kind that a calf can’t duck under and is too high for them to jump.

She makes it look so easy
She makes it look so easy

I guess they took too long.  Are elk related to reindeer? hahaha

elk calves and cattle
I’m gonna ask this big black elk with the pretty earrings where to cross the fence

The calves look for help from the neighbors.

Cattle chase elk calves
Hey! Where ya goin’? We just want to play!

Suddenly it didn’t seem like such a good idea.

Elk calves run from cattle

One tried to go through the fence (above) but couldn’t get through.  The smallest one finally punched through a hole somewhere else.

Elk calves jumped the lower barbed wire fence
Free at last!

Then they got cornered by the cattle.  I thought they’d try to squeeze through the gate bars but 2 of them jumped the lower barbed wire fence.

2 elk calves running down road towards mom
Free At Last!

Then they jumped back over to get to their moms in the field on the left.  They were all calling for mom with that pitiful baby elk call.  All but the mom of the littlest calf just kept going.  I guess they knew their calves would eventually figure it out.


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