Vintage Cars on the Coast

I don’t keep track of all the car shows going on along the Oregon coast.  So I’m not sure where they are going.

Seal Rock
Seal Rock

Maybe they’re just cruisin’ up Hwy 101 for fun and not going to a show?

After I missed a photo of a really pretty woody towing a teardrop and with surfboards on the roof Don pulled over to let me get some good photos.

no cars on Hwy 101?
When does THAT ever happen?

And they stopped!  We must have seen 30 cars before we decided to pull over at Seal Rock!

We’ve never seen highway 101 deserted, both directions, for 5 minutes in JUNE!  So we got back on the highway. 😦

Intermingled with RVs
Intermingled with RVs

A few more straggled by.

Alsea Bay Bridge
Alsea Bay Bridge

I prefer to see them on the road rather than sitting in a car show.  I think it’s amazing that they are still drivable and imagine the roads they had when they were first built.

The Alsea Bay Bridge is undergoing some maintenance.  One of the four lanes will be closed all summer until it is complete.  Right now it’s one southbound lane.



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