Nesting Shorebirds – Oregon

We stopped at our favorite overlook to see how the Sea Lions, Brandt’s Cormorants and Common Murres are doing.  This is from the big pullout between Sea Lion Caves and Heceta Head Lighthouse north of Florence, Oregon, on Hwy 101.

Brandt's Cormorants and Common Murres Nesting
Brandt’s Cormorants and Common Murres Nesting

The Common Murres don’t build nests.  They lay their single egg on the hard rock, then hatch it by putting it on top of their feet for 28 – 35 days.  Mom and Dad take turns incubating.  “After the chick hatches the adult female flies north to molt while the male leads unfledged young on a swimming migration north to the protected waters of Washington and British Columbia” according to:

Did you catch that?  “unfledged” means they can’t fly yet when the male takes them swimming north.  So, how do they get down from the cliff?  Roll-n-Splash?

Brandt's Cormorant Chicks
Brandt’s Cormorant Chicks

See the cormorant chicks in the nest on the right?  The one on the top nest looks like she’s next to a murre?  Wish I could see closer!  I keep trying to imagine what the white could be from but maybe the cormorant chicks are mostly white?

If you have a better camera – go get some better pix and let me see them 🙂

Blue sky over Baker Beach - Oregon Coast near Florence
An Aquamarine Day!

It was certainly a gorgeous day on the Oregon coast!

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