Silent Flickers?

Flickers are usually pretty noisy but we haven’t seen or heard this nesting couple in about 2 weeks.

Female Flicker without Red
Female Flicker without Red

Then we started noticing them flying around again but without making a sound.

Male Flicker with Red Moustache
Male Flicker with Red Moustache

They fly away silently; I assume to protect the location of their chicks.  I can hear their calls when they are far away.

I can’t wait until they start peeking out!

The following info is from


Northern Flickers typically excavate nesting cavities in dead or diseased pine, cottonwood, or willow trees.  Males do most of the excavation with some help from females.  Both incubate the 5 to 8 eggs for about 11 days, then brood the newly hatched young for about 4 days more.  Both sexes feed the young, which leave the nest after 24 to 27 days.  The parents continue to feed the young once they fledge, and soon the young begin to follow the adults to foraging sites and gather their own food.



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