Flaps Up for Father’s Day

Most of the goslings, at Eckman Lake\AlseaBay, look all grown up!

Geese almost grown up
Almost Grown

Well, they’ve got all their adult feathers in anyway.  If the adults weren’t there, to compare their size to, I wouldn’t know the difference. (kinda like teenaged humans)

There is a younger family on the edge of the grass.  These goslings are solid grey.  There’s one adult and 3 or 4 young’uns.

Geese in Tall Grass

Mom and Dad Canada Geese raise their young together.  Parents seem to live in a community too.  Before the kids can fly, the parents take them out to eat when it is safe.  Then they hide them in the tall grass to rest.  I think the taller one is the male.  Read more here: http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Canada_Goose/lifehistory

Adult goose shows how to flap wings
Daddy Goose Shows the Way

They are still too young to fly but they need to start exercising those wings so Dad shows them how.

There’s that domestic goose still hanging around.  I wonder if these Canada Geese will stick around or if we’ll see a lonely, forlorn, goose one day?

goslings flap wings to strengthen
Exercise those wings

The young ones take turns stretching and flapping their wings.  They probably don’t even know why yet.

I don’t see the collared goose so I’m not sure when these hatched.  But I’m guessing it takes a gosling about 3 weeks to go from all grey to full colors?

They grow up SO fast!


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