We Otter Be in Pictures

But we’re behind the camera instead.

Baby River Otter
Baby River Otter

I only saw one kit across the river.  So I don’t know where the other adult is or if there are other otters.

The baby didn’t stick around long.  It went in the water once and then walked along the bank and disappeared.

River Otter - Catchin' His Limit
Catchin’ His Limit

I watched the adult for about 20 minutes in the Alsea River this evening; a little down-river from Blackberry Campground.  You can see the fish in his mouth.

River Otter Gag
AAaaccckkk – Hairball

Do otters get hairballs?  hahaha – just kidding!  I know they throw up the fish bones and scales and crawdad parts.  I didn’t watch to see if that’s what he was doing though.

River Otter Munch
Anyone Got a Toothpick?

His face looks like a cat with those big whiskers.

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