It’s Still Spring

I know that Memorial Day seems like the beginning of summer.

Fox Glove

But summer doesn’t actually start for another month.  So we are still seeing things spring up and out and through.

Salal Flowers
Salal Flowers

The delicate pink flowers on the Salal shrubs will turn into plump blueberry-like berries.

Those close to the ocean get a light coating of salt on the berries; which makes them especially yummy.

3 bulls - last year's spikes
3 bulls – last year’s spikes

These cousins only had spikes last year.  We’ll see how many points they grow this year.

Nice Velvet Dude
Nice Velvet Dude

This was taken on a different day so it could be one of those in the previous photo for all I know.

River Moss
River Moss

The moss is getting thick in the Alsea River too.  We’re still not sure if this moss has grown on the branches or if they just caught it at high tide?  It sure seemed to happen quickly.

Osprey Couple at WHS
Osprey Couple at WHS

I hadn’t seen the osprey fishing in our front yard all week.  My theory was that the chicks had hatched.  Based on what we saw today (above), I’m sticking with my theory.

Algae Bloom
Algae Bloom

The algae bloom makes the water look thick and almost chocolatey – if it weren’t for that slight greenish tint.

Not so inviting for swimming but lots of marine life love it.

And apparently it doesn’t adversely affect the shellfish:

Sutton Campground - Group C001
Group C001 is blooming in Sutton Campground

The campgrounds are sprouting tents!

We’ve really had a dry May so we really need the rain we’ve seen this week.  But a break for Memorial Weekend would really be nice.

Yearling Elk Nursing
Yearling Elk Nursing

Some people’s children never grow up.

I’m trying to figure out how she can nurse for a whole year?!

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