Mother’s Day Out

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the elk cows from the young bulls who haven’t started growing their antlers yet.

47 Roosevelt Elk
47 Roosevelt Elk

But until a couple days ago we’d only seen about a third this many elk since they took off to have their calves.

Tagged Cow
Tagged Cow

But there’s Alllie – my A-3 tagged cow.  She had a calf last year so I’m betting she has one this year too.  They are really skittish of me because I am on foot.  The calves aren’t with them but they aren’t far from the trees.  I’m sure the calves are well hidden and safe and we’ll get to see them in a week or two.  I can hardly wait!

Whale Spout Near Devil's Churn
Whale Spout Near Devil’s Churn

A tell-tale sign that there’s a whale, is a group of people parked on the side of Hwy 101, with cameras trained on the ocean close to shore.

2nd Whale - near Devil's Churn
2nd Whale

There were two whales feeding just north of Devil’s Churn, just south of Yachats.

2 Whales Feeding - near Devil's Churn
2 Whales Feeding

We watched them for about 10 minutes and then had to get going.

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