Wild Waldport

The osprey are using the nest at Waldport High School again this year.

Osprey Nest at Waldport High School
Osprey Nest at Waldport High School

A cashier at Ray’s Market seemed to think there are young ones ready to fledge.  I thought it’s too early though.  We could see one bird on the nest and then another flew in.  You can make out two in this photo.  But we’re not sure if it’s 2 adults or if the one on the nest is a young one.

Roosevelt Elk with new antlers
Bull Elk Sportin’ Some New Antlers

I can’t wait to see the elk calves!  I’m sure it will be another couple weeks before they venture down the mountain.  But I like this guy’s new antlers!

Hooded Mergansers
Hooded Mergansers

I haven’t seen this many Hooded Mergansers on this part of the Alsea River.  They were doing some fishing this morning.

Merganser with Crawdad
Time to get the crawdad trap in the river!

Whoa!  No wonder there’s a whole flock!  How is he going to eat that huge crawdad?

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