Giraffes on the Alsea River

We planted a tomato plant in each of our 2 Topsy Turvy containers.  As they started to grow I remembered why they are not a great idea.  The plant wants to grow up and the roots want to grow down.  So the roots seem to get root-bound around the base of the plant.  But we have wildlife that will eat the plant if we put it in the ground so this is our best bet….

so I thought…

Topsy Turvy Container
Topsy Turvy Container with Tomato


Topsy Turvy Container
Where’d the tomato plant go?

It was there earlier in the day!!  How/who could get to that plant to munch it off at the base?  That’s hanging about 14′ above the ground!

Chipmunk?  Giraffe?

Apple Blossoms

Well, at least we’ll have applesauce next fall; if Don can keep scaring the bears out of the tree.


I’ve seen this cute little muskrat a couple times and I saw a small river otter by himself a couple days ago.

I haven’t seen an elk in over a week.  I’m guessing they’ve retreated to the mountains to have their calves.  I think they can protect them better up there.

Scopin’ out the river

We saw this heron and an osprey have a little tiff over their fishing grounds.  The heron actually made a pass at the osprey.  I think the heron won.

Heron with Fish
Heron Caught a Fish




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