The birds were wild tonight!

I no sooner sat down at the counter for dinner when I saw an osprey dive into the river right in front of our window.  Don missed it because he was “washing his hands” in the other room.

So after we had dinner, I went outside to wait for the osprey to come back.  A bald eagle has been flying by every evening.  He doesn’t give us any warning though.  I mean, I’d like to have the camera positioned perfectly when he comes by.  It’s a reasonable request.

Okay, so, you know how long my attention span is…I guess I’ll try to get some planting done while waiting for something spectacular to happen in front of me.  Don says he’ll come out around 7:15 because that’s when the eagle flies by; so I’ve got about 20 minutes.

I set my camera down on the deck and get the shovel.  I’m looking at the ground and hear a big splash in the river.  I turn to see the osprey lift a fish out of the water right in front of me!  I yelled to Don in the house, “did you see the osprey?!”  Of course not, he was washing his hands again!

Heron on Alsea River
Heron on Alsea River

Well, now Don is staying out on the deck while I’m planting bulbs.  He’s manning the camera.  We saw this heron in the same spot last night.

So I got 50 bulbs planted on the hill down to the river and am back on the deck.  Don’s got buck fever with the camera.  I see some big wings flapping upriver and said, ‘hey!’ then noticed it was just the heron repositioning himself downriver.  But I made Don jump (and that always makes me laugh).

He took some pix of the merganser and yelled at the swallows for not flying low enough.

Then I saw a bird flying down the river and Don got ready with the camera – but it was a mallard.  Less than a minute later I saw the eagle coming!

He caught it in flight but we got better photos after he landed downriver.

Bald Eagle on Alsea River
Bald Eagle on Alsea River

We actually thought he’d just kept going until I noticed him in front of the next property.  We took photos of him until he left about 10 minutes later.  Bald eagles are such beautiful birds.

Moon Rise
Moon Rise

 Speaking of eagles landing…we’ve had clear skies lately so I’m sure there was a beautiful sunset from the beach.

But, here on the river near Blackberry Campground, we are enjoying the moonrise.

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