Pre-pupping Season Activities on Alsea Bay

I’m keeping a close eye on the Harbor Seals from the Alsea Bay Bridge, Waldport, Oregon.

Alsea Bay Bridge Oblisque
Alsea Bay Bridge Obelisk

There is lots of activity out there!

Harbor Seals - pre-pupping season
Pre-pupping Season Activity

Harbor seals don’t have much contact, other than during mating season and pre-pupping season.

Harbor Seals Rolling in Water

According to SeaWorld: Prior to the pupping season, males and females exhibit pre-mating activity such as rolling, bubble-blowing, and mouthing each other’s necks. This pre-mating behavior ends with the beginning of the pupping season.

Neck Biting
Neck Biting

I have never seen them move so fast on the sand before.  They would dart out of the water to shoot up onto the beach.

Kissing Harbor Seals

One might interact for a minute with another on-shore.  Then dart back into the water.

Harbor Seals Darting
Never seen them move so fast on sand

Harbor Seals usually keep space between them when hauled out; whereas Sea Lions lay all over each other.

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