Harbor Seal Pupping Season

I heard it was pupping season on the Central Oregon Coast so I went out on the Alsea Bay Bridge to take some pix.  Apparently this pod of seals give birth later in the spring than some other pods because I did not see any suckling pups.  They are weaned at about 4 weeks old and I noticed that I took those pix the first week in June last year.  So, that means the pups are born in late April or early May.  An indicator that seals are being born is the increase on vultures and eagles flying overhead.

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As I was taking pix of the seal nursery a couple days ago I was watching a mom and pup in the water.  He was very vocal.  He started whining when he was in the water.  I figured he was hungry.

I didn’t notice the tag at this point.  I was just watching them because the pup was so entertaining.  Like a whiney kid in a grocery store.  hahaha

They hauled out at the upper sandbar, just on the east side of the Alsea Bay Bridge.

I got busy taking pix of the others while she and her pup moved further onto the sand.  Then I noticed the tag and tried to get a clear shot of it.

I snapped the shot then looked on the camera display to zoom in.  I can see it says ‘A175’.

I love finding out the history on the wildlife.  I asked my friend what he…

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