Oregon Beavers – Alsea River

Oregon Beavers live a double life.  These don’t play football though.

We put a tarp over the burn pile.  It keeps a little bit of the wood dry so it will catch fire.  It was tied to a couple branches to keep it in place.

Look where it is today.

beaver theft
I wonder if dragging that tarp annoyed the beaver?

I saw two beavers this morning.  Maybe we’ll eventually see babies?

Beaver munching on bark
Beaver munching on bark

This one stuck around for a while.  I got LOTS of photos!

See the dark, round, spot under him in the water?  That’s his tail!

You may ask why I’m so excited about seeing his tail?  Because I am never sure of what I am seeing until I see the tail-tell sign. 🙂

…gotta go get my tarp back!

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