Mission Tejas, Ratcliff Lake, Davy Crockett National Forest

We took a drive in the RV to dump the holding tanks and have a picnic on a beautiful January day.

Mission Tejas State Park is on Ratcliff Lake in the Davy Crockett National Forest.  It is on Hwy 21, the El Camino Real Hwy (King’s Hwy), between Crockett and Lufkin, TX.

I was researching camping prices for you but they are so complicated I decided just to provide the above links.  Besides, there’s a lot of great history that I’d probably blow if I tried to summarize it.

Mission San Fransico de los Tejas
Mission San Fransico de los Tejas

I am actually a little confused, now, about whether we were in a State Park or the National Forest.  Or maybe it’s a State Park in the National Forest?  I don’t know who runs what, but that’s why I gave you the links.  You can sort it out for yourself (if it matters).  The dump station was closed but we didn’t let that ruin our day.

We stopped to take a look inside this beautiful little log church: Mission San Fransisco de los Tejas.

I wonder if their meetings were short?
Inside the Mission

I’ll bet the hymns echoed in here!  It makes me appreciate the soft benches in our churches today!  Although a fireplace would be fun 🙂

Fossils in locally quaried stone
Floor inside Mission made of local stone with fossils

The floor has fossils in locally quarried stone. Most (or all?) of Texas was under water eons ago.

Petrified wood for fireplace
Fireplace stonework is petrified wood

We thought the petrified wood for the fireplace was really a nice touch.

Ratcliff Lake
Ratcliff Lake

For our picnic, we went over to the Day Use Area on Ratcliff Lake.  There is a nice swimming beach, lots of picnic tables and a nice pavilion for groups.

They do use workampers here because I saw they’ll rent the FHU sites to RVers when they aren’t occupied by the Camp Hosts.  But I don’t know if they are paid or volunteers.

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