Today’s Gifts

We woke up to snow this morning.  It was a pretty blanket of white and about 30F.  I was really hoping it would warm up before I had to go into Waldport this afternoon though.

Rainbow Over the Alsea River
Rainbow Over the Alsea River

Sure enough, the snow melted!  But I didn’t dream of seeing a rainbow today.  I didn’t even think it was possible to see one in our little valley!  The Alsea River is on the north side of our house.  If the sun is higher than 42 degrees, you won’t see a rainbow because the angle isn’t right.  There’s also a pretty tall hill on the south side of us.  (I come from Utah so I know better than to call this a mountain.)

Male Common Merganser
Male Common Merganser

So we watched birds while we puttered around the house.

Common Merganser
Common Merganser – Female or 1st year Male

I couldn’t zoom in close enough to tell if this is a female Common Merganser or a 1st year male.

Common Goldeneye
Common Goldeneye

The Common Goldeneye always stumps me.  The bright eye should give it away but I seem to look in the wrong part of my bird book and end up asking an expert.  This is a female.  I haven’t seen a male lately but I’m sure he’s around.

The weather held out until it was time to come home from Waldport tonight.  A hail storm hit just as I was going through town.  It was pounding!  But as soon as I got past Eckman Lake, the road was barely wet.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Gifts”

  1. Your Post’s almost make me wish we were back in Oregon, Please keep up the good work, Maybe I’m just homesick.

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