Tumbling Time

Time to get started on the agates.

Agate Tumbler
Agate Tumbler

It takes about 4 weeks to go through the whole tumbling process.  One week for each grit and polish.

Agate Bucket
Variety of sizes

Most of our agates and rocks were gathered from Tillicum Beach over the past several years.

We probably won’t polish the really rough ones. They’d be nice to slice but we don’t have a way to do that now.

More Agates
5 gallon bucket – about half full

We’ve got green and red jasper in our collection too.  Some will get tossed out after a week of tumbling.  Others may get tossed after the second week.

It all depends on if they are getting smoother and show potential for a high polished finish.

We’ve got some nice ones in here and I love seeing how they progress.


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