Christmas Day!

<– From the beginning – Leading up to the first Christmas Day on the American continents

3 Nephi 1:19 – 22

19 And it came to pass that there was no darkness in all that night, but it was as light as though it was mid-day. And it came to pass that the sun did rise in the morning again, according to its proper order; and they knew that it was the day that the Lord should be born, because of the sign which had been given.

 20 And it had come to pass, yea, all things, every whit, according to the words of the prophets.

 21 And it came to pass also that a new star did appear, according to the word.

22 And it came to pass that from this time forth there began to be lyings sent forth among the people, by Satan, to harden their hearts, to the intent that they might not believe in those signs and wonders which they had seen; but notwithstanding these lyings and deceivings the more part of the people did believe, and were converted unto the Lord.

Christmas Nativity
Christmas Nativity

Just like today, there is so much time and effort spent on the preparation for Christmas.  Then it seems to be over so quickly.  Even though the event is in the past, I want to remember, study, think and pray about its meaning, so that it wasn’t all in vain and Christ will continue to affect my life.  Don’t let the disappointment of the end of the event overshadow what just happened!

Rejoice!  Rejoice!  Emmanuel!

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