Yaquina Bay Jetties and Minus Tides

We had rain on the coast, off and on, yesterday.  That’s called “showers”.  That means it is fun being outside off and on. 🙂

We were in Newport (indoors) for most of the day.  Crossing the Newport bridge, before noon, we noticed the waves crashing clear over the jetties!  I wished we’d had time to stop to take some photos then!  I would definitely use my zoom to keep a safe distance though (mom).

We have minus tides and extra highs this week!  There is about a 12 foot change; which is about the most we get here on the central Oregon coast.

Returning south, just before sunset, we could see that the minus tide exposed places we hadn’t seen before next to the south jetty.  The clammers were out!  Tide-poolers were out!  It’s like exploring the moon when the minus tides expose the rarely seen ocean floor.  The extra low tides always make me want to run out to the edge of the water and think of how few people have actually stood there.  🙂

Yaquina Bay Jetties
Yaquina Bay Jetties

Even the low tide waves can crash over the jetties.  Every year some unwise person is killed by a sneaker wave.  Stick to the roads and trails on the jetties.  Don’t stand out on the rocks.  Sneaker waves are not as big an issue if you’ve got level sand to run away on (like at Tillicum Beach at low tide or anytime in the summer).  It’s the rocky areas that are dangerous (like the jetties and Tillicum Beach at high tide in the winter).

We’ve got high tides and showers through the weekend.  So it will be a great weekend for camping on the Oregon coast!

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