Leading up to Christmas – Day 10

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Helaman 16:14

“And angels did appear unto men, wise men, and did declare unto them glad tidings of great joy; thus in this year the scriptures began to be fulfilled.”

I was looking around the internet to find paintings/drawings/even photos of angels.  Then I realized that the angels who have “appeared” in my life didn’t even know they were angels.  Sometimes I didn’t know they were, at that moment in time, either.  I definitely feel great joy when I’ve been touched by one of my “angels”.  I’m not saying that spiritual beings do not exist because I believe they do.  I believe that God sends them to visit us according to His plan.  But, I think that is rare.  I believe that He expects us to be kind and loving to each other so that we can feel His love.

In my search I stumbled onto this photo that, to me, depicts the many angels who appear in our lives everyday.  Click on the photo to go to her blog.



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