Sudsy Ocean

I don’t think it is as windy on the Oregon coast today.  This was what we found yesterday.

The wind was really whipping up the foam.  We had to pull off Hwy 101 at Bob Creek Wayside, between Yachats and Florence, to get some photos.

Bob Creek Park Bench
Bob Creek Park Bench

I don’t think the park bench was sat on that day.  The wind was blowing the foam through the air like snow (only up).  That’s foam on the grass.

A Sea of Foam
A Sea of Foam

See that large area in the middle of the photo that is solid white?  That’s foam that is about 1-1/2 to 2 feet deep.  The wind was creating waves on it so it looked like it was flowing.  Too bad I’m too cheap to upgrade my WordPress so I could post the video. 🙂  You’ll have to imagine it.

Bob Creek Waves

The waves were really crashing.  What a great spectacle!  I kept wanting to turn to face the wind to get a photo of the foam flying but didn’t want it to mess up my camera.

BobCreek SeaFoam-2

I finally got brave.  I jumped out, tried to hide behind the truck, clicked the shot and splat!  A small bubble-cluster hit the lens and my face.  I think I got it all off safely though.

We lost power at our house about 9pm last night.  So, a couple hours of Rummikub then off to bed.  The power came back on about 2:30am.  (I didn’t notice but someone did.)  The report said it affected everything from Ona Beach south to Waldport and up the Alsea River to the town of Alsea.

Fun times on the Oregon coast!


2 thoughts on “Sudsy Ocean”

  1. -chuckle-
    I think we were parked alongside each other at Bob Creek yesterday. Either that or there were others who got a face full as well.
    I took a hike through the foam at Seal Rocks, and had a few moments of disorientation till my mind got over the idea it wasn’t blowing snow.

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