Thanksgiving – Oregon Coast Style

It’s going to be a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend on the Oregon Coast!

Rainbow Over Alsea Bay
Rainbow Over Alsea Bay

So…what’s your pleasure?  Camping overlooking a romantic beach?

Romantic Beach Gettaway - Tillicum
Romantic Beach Getaway – Tillicum Beach Campground

Or maybe camping near the dunes?  Sutton Campground is perfect – and Three Rivers Casino has a great Thanksgiving buffet!

Or  how about steelhead fishing on the Alsea River?

The river level is dropping fast and it is clearing up.  It should be good for the holiday weekend.

Once the river level drops, the crabs will be back in the bay too.

Tillicum - Bull Kelp
Tillicum – Bull Kelp

The storms sure stirred up the bull kelp.  There was nothing on Tillicum Beach yesterday.

Bull Kelp Slaughter

But today mounds of it were all over the beach!

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

Have a great Thanksgiving!

And wherever the holiday takes you, be safe.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving – Oregon Coast Style”

  1. Got out once this week to the beach south of Cape Perpetua, saw the piles of kelp but not a lot of other changes. Still a lot of sand in the pools and the rocks.
    There is the wreck of an old steel fishing boat north up the beach from Tekatee-Klootchman, I first saw it last winter.
    At that time it was sitting in the pool, 5 feet of rib and keel clearly visible above a bedrock covered in sea life.
    At present only about 8 inches of prow is visible above a solid bed of sand.
    I’m intent now on watching this over the winter, and following the storms to see the changes.

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