Thunderstorms and Sea Lions

We made a run to Florence today.  Yay!  To the BEACH!

Travelling down the Alsea Hwy from Tidewater wasn’t a problem after the recent rain/wind storm.  Hwy 20 was affected more.  Hwy 101 from Waldport to Florence was also clear.

Tillicum Stairway
Tillicum Stairway

We just had to stop in to Tillicum Campground to check out the beach.  The rain is washing some of the sand off the stairway.  Winter storms will probably continue to was sand off the beach.  Maybe we’ll see some agates this winter?

Heceta Lighthouse
Heceta Lighthouse

We haven’t seen the lighthouse since they took the cover back off so I had to get a photo of her new coat of paint.  They haven’t finished restoring the lens yet.  We had thunder showers most of the day.  As Don put it, “we travelled through all the seasons” today.

Sea Lions At Heceta Lighthouse Overlook
Sea Lions At Heceta Lighthouse Overlook

There was a car at the north end of the Heceta overlook pullout so we parked at the south end.  Three people were SO excited to call me over to look at all the sea lions!

Sea Lion Mosh Pit
Sea Lion Mosh Pit – Can you see one rock in there?

You can hardly see the rocks they are resting on!  Everytime one would move they’d bark at each other.  “GET YOUR BONEY FLIPPER OUT OF MY BACK!”  “QUIT SQUIRMING!”   “SHUT UP!  I’M TRYING TO SLEEP!”  It just went ON and ON and ON!  hahaha

Branded Sea Lions 8063 and 8329
Branded Sea Lions 8063 and 8329

Found a couple branded sea lions too!  I’ll ask my Forest Service friend about them and edit this post if he can find out anything about them.  Sometimes they’ve been able to tell me where, why and when they were branded.  Some are branded as pups as part of a study.  Others are because they were being a “nuisance” to the salmon.


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