Rainin’ Buckets on the Alsea – Hope We’re Prepared

It rained buckets-full today!

Raining Buckets
Raining Buckets

Nothing fun to do outside except to watch the driftwood parade down the Alsea River.


Driftwood Parade
Driftwood Parade on the Alsea

And talk to the deer.  Mom must be around the corner.

Wet Doe Fawn
Wet Doe Fawn

Time for inside projects.  Had to get creative when the power went off.  Thankfully, it interrupted my vacuuming.

4 Bean Salad - Food Storage
4 Bean Salad – Food Storage

The electricity was only off for about an hour.  We were conserving heat in the house and cold in the fridge.  We didn’t have to pull out the generator.

Losing power, and watching the river rise, made me think of our emergency preparations.  We have plenty of food storage, clothes and blankets, so we’d be fine if we could stay in our home.  (Although we do need to do something about drinking water.)   But the thing we don’t have is a 72-hour kit.  Everytime I look at a checklist for a 72-hour kit I get overwhelmed to the point that I don’t even try to put one together.  I can’t see it fitting in anything smaller than a suitcase!  I’m just going to have to start smaller.

By the way, pickled things last a LOT longer than their “Sell By” date.  I bought the giant jar of 4-bean salad at Sam’s Club or Costco before we sold our house in Utah 6 1/2 years ago.  I probably had it in storage there for a couple years. If I bought it from Costco, it’s even older than I thought.  The one we just ate (over the past several weeks) had a “Sell By” date of April 2006.  Our other two jars don’t even have a Sell By date.  By the way, Paisley Farm makes the best 4-bean salads I’ve had….just the right sweet-to-sour ratio.

Anyway, the wind has died down, it’s dark and I don’t hear the rain anymore.  Can’t see the river out our window so I’m watching it on NOAA.  We don’t worry until it gets close to 23 feet.  It’s not supposed to get that high though.


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